You'll agree that our trailers exceed world class standards for ease of use, reliability and durability in harsh conditions.  If you have interest in a particular class of trailer below, clicking on the picture shown will take you to another page to find more information on it.

Vacuum Excavation Units

vac_hoist-sand.jpg (117347 bytes) The Vacstar line of vacuum excavation equipment is designed to locate underground utilities safely and quickly.  Cleaning the on-site-spoils from directional drilling has never been easier.

Pole Trailers

pt50.jpg (32213 bytes) The PT50 pole trailer will handle your class 4 and 5 poles on the job.

Innerduct Reel Trailers

slabach_reel_tlr_web.jpg (134719 bytes) Our innerduct reel trailers can properly transport large loads with ease.

Standard Reel Trailers

model_60.gif (42378 bytes) Our line of standard reel trailers are rugged and loaded with features to make your  work easier and safe.

Multiple Reel Trailers

slabach_model_CR100X2_reel_trailer.gif (53140 bytes)   model_mr100x3.jpg (48656 bytes) Multiple reel trailers diverse enough to handle
 your changing needs.

Tilt Trailers

tilt_front.jpg (100550 bytes) Tilt trailers are a staple for loading your equipment and cargo.   Designed to balance and secure your load, Slabach Enterprises tilt trailers allow easy transporting down the road.

Accessories & Custom Features

power_rewind.gif (55116 bytes) All of our high quality trailers can be outfitted with customized accessories and features to meet your specific needs.  Everything, from hydraulic power rewinds to tensioning devices can be found here.  Our complete line of accessories are manufactured to the same standard as our trailers.

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