In an age categorized by downsizing, efficiencies, and cutbacks, value is demanded.  It is this value which Slabach Enterprises line of utility trailers aims to deliver.  The following reasons briefly explain our customers satisfaction:

  • Versatile Design: Our trailers are built with the idea of providing a multi-use tool to allow for the variety of circumstances found on different job sites.  For example, our reel trailers are built with a simple, open-yoke design which permits easy one-person operation, creating for a more efficient workforce.  This design permits a great diversity in the size of spool the trailer can handle.
  • Rugged, Quality Manufacturing: Our trailers have been inspected and tested by a government-approved, independent testing laboratory, providing excellent results.  The real proof, however has been in its on-the job experience, where it has proven to be long lasting, reliable trailer.  The same trailers we show off at trade shows are the same trailers which we sell to you, the customer.
  • Safety Engineered: The low center of gravity built into all of our products permits safe, stable payload transport.  Every detail, from the strength of our jacks to the thickness of our tubular metal frame is designed to build a product that will withstand what your working environment demands.
  • Many Satisfied Customers: From the largest utility companies to local independent telephone and electrical companies to contractors, Slabach Enterprises has had many repeat orders and sales to others by referral from satisfied customers.
  • Economical: Add an affordable price to the above features and you have a trailer which not only can save you transportation costs, but will enable you to spread your initial investment over many years to come, with little cost in between.   Other benefits include a one year warranty and a seasonal discounts.

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